UV BUL Screen Ink (UV Curable Ink for Blu-ray Disc)

Teikoku UV BUL ink is UV curable screen printing ink designed for label printing of Blu-ray Disc, the next generation of optical discs. It has superior adhesion to hard to adhere surfaces like metal treated layer with extremely low shrinkage and small tilting angle. It's hard surface finish provides very good resistance.


Label printing of Blu-ray Disc on metal treated layer or inorganic layer printing surface.

Special Features

♦ Superior adhesion to metal treated layer, or inorganic layer.
♦ Superior suitability for printing on Blu-ray Disc with extremely low shrinkage.
♦ Suitability for high speed printing, depending on CD printer.
♦ Hard surface finish of ink layer provides superior abrasion and alcohol resistance.
♦ Low odor, Low skin irritation.

Thinning & Cleaning

♦ Thinning is not required for standard applications.
♦ Use RE-804 Reducer up to 5% when required.
♦ "Teikoku Screen Cleaner N" is recommended to clean the stencil. Do not use Reducer for cleaning of stencil.


♦ Stir well before every use.
♦ 350 mesh monofilament stencil is recommended.
♦ Printing mesh may change depending on the color matching ink (metallic or pearl etc.).
♦ Coverage with 350 meshes will be 50-60 m2/kg.


♦ Curability and adhesion of UV BUL ink may be affected by:
1) Lower ink layer's color, 2) Ink layer, 3) Type, grade, color of substrate, 4) Multi-layer printing,
5) Type of UV lamp and exposure conditions, 6) Treatment degree of substrate.
♦ 1.4 seconds Tact speed, 140W/cm are our standards with CD printing machine.
♦ Accumulated energy is about 430 mJ/cm2.Peak Power is 430 mW/cm2.


♦ UV Thixotropic agent: Use to increase the viscosity by adding up to 2%.

Standard Colors

000 Medium 277 Opaque Reddish Yellow 616 White
011 Matte Base 391Blue 792 Green
052 TC Yellow 525 Light Orange 821 Violet
162 Red 582 Magenta 911 Black

♦ Wide range of color matching (including metallic and pearl colors) is possible.


Ink is stabile for 6 months from shipping.
Adhesion testing must be done at your site with actual substrate. Slight change in substrate, process and printing might affect the results.

Safety and Handling

Not Flammable.
Use safety gloves and eyeglasses to protect skin and eyes. If the ink or coating contacts the skin, wash with plenty of water and soap. In case of contact with the eyes, wash with plenty of water and consult with a doctor. Containers should be tightly closed immediately after use, and stored in a dark and cool place.
SDS is available. Please ask for a copy, and read it carefully before handling materials. Please follow the instructions.

Physical Properties and Resistance of UV BUL Ink

Property Test Conditions Result
Adhesion JIS K5600-5-6 (Cross cut), cellophane tape and peel. No peeling
Hot & Cold 10 cycles, -20°C(0.5hours)~70°C(0.5hours) checked for appearance and adhesion No defect
Water Dipped in tap water for 30 minutes, checked for appearance and adhesion No defect
Humidity Left under 60°C 80%RH for 96 hours, checked for appearance and adhesion No defect
Alcohol Abrasion tester, gauze in 80% ethanol impregnation, weight 800g, 15 times with 1 back and forth at 2 seconds speed, checked for adhesion No defect
Detergent Dipped into 5% neutral detergent, at 60°C, for 24 hours, checked appearance and adhesion No defect
Salty Water Dipped into edible salt containing water (5% salt) at 50°C 95%RH for 24 hours checked for appearance and adhesion No defect
Artificial Sweat Dipped into Artificial sweat at 50°C 95%RH for 24 hours checked for appearance and adhesion No defect
Pencil Hardness Hardness for pencil checked for scratching with 500g. weight F
Eraser Abrasion Eraser rubbed with 500g.weight 100 times back and forth with Eraser Test Machine and checked for appearance No defect
Tilting Angle 80°C 90% RH after 96 hours for tilting angle of printed sample checked Within 0.3

* Substrate: Blu-ray Disc
* Stencil Mesh: T-350
* Curing Conditions: 140W/cm, 1 (One) Metal halide lamp, Tact speed 1.4 sec. (43pieces/minutes)
* These test results are only for our lab purposes. We do not guarantee the results.

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