UV MET Screen Ink (UV Curable Ink for Metals)

Teikoku UV MET is a UV-curable screen printing ink for stainless steel, aluminum and other metals.

Applications & Substrates

♦ Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Steel, Zinc, Ceramics, and Plated Metals.

Special Features

♦ Good adhesion and high gloss finish
♦ Hard surface and superior abrasion resistance
♦ Superior solvent, acid and alkali resistance
♦ Good stability on stencil
♦ Low odor, little skin irritation

Thinning & Cleaning

♦ Stir well before every use.
♦ Thinning is not required for standard applications. However, thinning with RE-805 up to 5% improves the printability when printing at high-speed.
" Do not use thinner to clean the stencil. "Screen Cleaner N" is recommended to clean the stencil.


♦ 300-380 mesh monofilament screen is recommended. Coverage is about 60-90 m2 /kg. with 300 mesh.


♦ Curability and adhesion of UV MET Ink may be affected by: 1) Lower ink layer's color, 2) Ink layer, 3) Type, grade, color of substrate, 4) Multi layer printing, 5) Type of UV lamp and exposure conditions, 6) Treatment degree of substrate.
♦ Two 80 w/cm metal halide lamps, 15cm lamp height, and 5 m/min. belt speed is considered standard. Accumulated energy is about 480 mJ/cm2 .

Standard Colors & Additives

012 Extender 182 Deep Red 391 Blue 791 Green
037 Royal Blue 190 Bright Red 525 Light Orange 821 Violet
121 Scarlet 221 Yellow 581 Magenta 911 Black
163 Red 263 Reddish Yellow 611 White  
177 Opaque Red   616 Non-yellowing White  
SM-269 Antifoaming agent:Use to avoid foaming and repelling, add up to 1%.
SM-301 Leveling Agent:Use to improve surface smoothness, add up to 1%.
SM-422 Additive: Use to achieve full adhesion and resistance, add up to 3-5%.
Stir well when mixing additives. Pot life is 1-2 weeks.

Safety and Handling

Not flammable. Our UV inks do not contain N-Vinyl Pyrrolidone.
Use safety gloves and eyeglasses to protect skin and eyes. If the ink or coating contacts the skin, wash with plenty of water and soap. In case of contact with the eyes, wash with plenty of water and consult with a doctor. Containers should be tightly closed immediately after use, and stored in a cool, dark place.
SDS is available. Please ask for a copy, and read it carefully before handling materials. Please follow the instructions.

Resistance of UV MET

Property Test Conditions Results
Pencil JIS K 5600-5-4(pencil), Weight 750g, checked for appearance and peeling off. 2H
Heat 72 hrs at 80°C, checked for appearance and peeling off. No defect
Hot Water 72 hrs in 50°C hot water, checked for appearance and peeling off. No defect
Hot & Cold 80°C / 4hrs, 25°C / 1hr ~ -20°C / 1 hrs ~ 25°C / 1hr, after 10 cycles, checked for appearance & adhesion. No defect
Moisture 240 hrs in 60°C / 97%RH, checked for appearance & adhesion. No defect
Water 240 hrs in tap water, checked for appearance & adhesion. No defect
Acid 24hrs in 5% HCl, checked for appearance and adhesion. No defect
Alkali 24 hrs in 5% NaOH, checked for appearance and adhesion. No defect
Ethanol Scrub with cotton soaked in ethanol, Weight 500g, Gakushin Scrub Tester 100 times No defect
Gasoline Scrub with cotton soaked in high octane gasoline, Weight 500g, Gakushin Scrub Tester 100 times No defect
Scrub Scrub with cotton cloth, 500g weight, Gakushin Scrub Tester, 1,000 times No defect
Folding JIOS K 5600-5-1 (Cylindrical Mandrel) 2mm diameter, checked for cracks No defect
Impact DuPont Falling Ball Test, 300gr. metal object, 50 cm height No defect
Punching Punching & cutting at press No defect
Blocking Weight 200g/cm2, 60°C, 100hrs. No defect
Multi layer 5 color multi printing, checked adhesion and appearance No defect
Weather Weather meter, black panel temp. 63+/-3°C, rain 18/120min, checked for appearance & peel. (500 hrs.) No defect
NOTES: Substrate: 0.5mm aluminum plate. Screen: T-350 No thinning
Additive: SM-422 Additive, 5%
Curing: Two 80w/cm metal halide 15cm high, 5m/ min belt speed.
These test results are only for our lab purposes. We do not guarantee the results.

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